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Understanding Medicare and Your Medicare Supplement Options

An informational video to provide you with everything you need to know to get enrolled in the right Medicare program for you.

About This Video

About This Video

Physicians Mutual has been hosting our very popular live "Understanding Medicare" Seminar series for a number of years.  We originally created the Seminar series to help explain to people turning age 65: what Medicare is, how it works, and what their options are; so they can choose the Medicare options that are best suited to their individual interests and needs.

Now, to make the process of receiving the information you need to make your best Medicare decisions, is even easier.  We decided to record this very popular seminar - Understanding Medicare and your Medicare Supplement Options on video, and make it available for viewing over the Internet!

Here's What We'll Cover in the Video

Understanding Medicare

Understanding Medicare and Your Options

We will discuss each of Medicare's four parts, how they work and what they cover:

• Part A — Hospital Insurance

• Part B — Medical Insurance

• Part C — Medicare Advantage Plans

• Part D — Prescription Drug coverage

We will show you exactly when and how you need to sign up; to make sure you avoid any potential penalties for late enrollment.

Most people sign up at age 65, however each person’s situation is different.

We will explain what the costs for enrolling in  Medicare and what your options are for minimizing those costs.

One solution would be to have Medicare and take out a Medicare Supplement (or Medigap) insurance policy. Another option would be to opt out of Medicare and enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.

We will make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decisions on the coverage you want.

Each person — and situation — is unique, so it’s smart to get the information you need as you move to the next stage of your life.

About Us

Your Host

Scott A Graham, CRPC

  • Over 30 years experience in the financial services industry; working with individual and corporate clients, both as an independent agent and financial advisor; helping them find the best financial solutions for their families.
  • Earned the CRPC designation (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) from College of Financial Planning in 2007
  • Has resided and practiced in San Antonio, Texas for past 35+ years.

Our history

  • Physicians Mutual Insurance Company was established in 1902.
  • Physicians Mutual Life Insurance Company was established in 1970.
  • We have been offering Medicare Supplement plans since 1965.
  • Over the years, the Physicians Mutual Family has maintained a well-diversified, high-quality portfolio of over $3.5 billion in combined assets.

Our mission

Throughout our history, we have remained dedicated to the solid principles on which we were founded - doing the right thing; listening and caring; and delivering on our promises. Those values guide our actions today and are the reason we've taken steps to ensure we will always be able to pay claims quickly and provide superior customer services 

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